Edmonton, CA


Edmonton, CA


PHONE: 780-288-6447
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Chul’s endeavor to coaching business started more than 10 years ago when he read “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki one day after his guard duty while serving in the army. That day he promised himself to create financial freedom by being the best at everything he does. This dedication soon earned him to serve as a gunner for 4 star general’s helicopter, a position that only the best gets to serve.

His endeavor continued as real estate investment advisor where he has educated and coached 100s of new investors to create their financial freedom by investing in real estate.

With his background in engineering, he has been providing engineered solutions for every business owners and individuals to understand where they are financially and inspire them to powerfully take action to 10X their results.

His work involves identifying every individuals or businesses true goals, creating a roadmap that truly aligns their intentions and providing support and guidance as a success sherpa so that they can reach their peak of success.

As a Grant Cardone Licensee, Chul will be helping Grant provide his engineered solutions to 7 billion people around the world to 10X their goals so that they can truly live their life by design.


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – McGill University
  • Professional Engineer – Alberta Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Association
  • Project Management Professional – Project Management Institute
  • Business Foundation –  University of Pennsylvania
  • Black Belt – World Taekwondo Federation