DE Smith
California, USA


DE Smith
California, USA


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In 1978 with my mother’s signature, I decided to begin adulthood while all my friends were still in the eleventh grade. I became a US National Guard member heading to Fort Knox, Kentucky, for basic training. While all the other recruits arriving at basic training had but one key objective to graduate, for me, I had two. To graduate from the national guard to a full-time soldier required passing my GED before basic training was over. Though I was the youngest in my battalion, just 17, I did it, and for me finally, I succeeded in escaping my difficult childhood.

From a 17-year-old boy to a soldier, by age 24, I graduated bible college with a wife and two baby girls. We started as a full-time preacher and moved all over the states and Canada. I preached in Colorado, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania for small and large congregations. During this time, my desire to start and run my own business was always there. In 1991 I formed a company around an invention, and ultimately was granted a utility patent which sold in hundreds of retail stores.

In 1996 I started a full-time sales career with Mutual of Omaha and quickly became one of their top producers. In 1998 I was recruited to work for JC Bradford & Co, a prestigious securities firm in Nashville, TN. I earned rookie of the year in 1999 out of over 50 other rookies. The following year I was promoted to VP and on track after just two years for a limited partnership.

I decided in 2011 to open my own business in the large format printing arena and grew that company over nine years to a pillar in my community. Then, in the middle of 2020, amid Covid, I sold the company for a multiple six-figure profit.

My career as a minister, sales professional, and successful business owner has brought me here with one objective in mind. To help other entrepreneurs start or get unstuck on their journey to reaching their true potential.

Fast forward to today. What have I done with my life, and how can my knowledge and experience with partnering with Grant Cardone benefit my ideal client:

  • My personal life has a successful 41-year marriage with the love of my life as its crown: two successful adult daughters and two beautiful grandchildren.
  • My spiritual life is fulfilling, with the privilege of ministering weekly through teaching and preaching for a local congregation a few miles from my home.
  • My professional life. Having just sold a successful business, I now coach & train others in accomplishing their personal & professional goals.

I’m looking forward to helping you reach your true potential. Call or email me now.