James Bailey Consulting
Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


James Bailey Consulting
Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


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James Bailey, MSc, BA (Hons), HND.

“An interesting thing about success is that it’s like a breath of fresh air; although your last breath is important, it is not nearly as important as your next one.” Grant Cardone (2011). The 10X Rule.

WHAT I DO: I Help Business and Sales Teams Increase Revenue By 30% In Less Than 90 Days. It is like breathing in success on every breath.


One of only a select few licensed in the United Kingdom to coach and teach Cardone university. Here’s how I can help…

Providing Clarity & Direction

Understanding your business in the only way you know it, combined with taking consistent daily training with Cardone University, we bring you through all the actions needed to move you forward in the right direction, so you can achieve the success you deserve.

An Approach That Works Best for You

Throughout your Grant Cardone training, business, and personal growth, you will have my undivided attention. My coaching is all about you, your business, and your success.

Support, Guidance & Accountability

After reading “The 10X Rule”, you know being successful takes effort. So, though I’m not your Cheerleader, I am here to help you get the results you want, with continuous learning, discipline, and pushing through the uncomfortable.

Working together; You, Me, and the Cardone Team, we will take you on a journey with focus, daily training, and actions necessary to reach your biggest goals and become the best you can be.


Business Start-up & Expansion

Over 15 years experience of growing and managing 5, 6, and 7 figure businesses. My area of expertise is in launching online companies, bricks & mortar businesses, and helping established businesses to increase sales by 30% using Cardone University.

  • Founded Natural Apiary, a beekeeping business that grew from £40K to over £1M+ within three years, through sales, marketing, and leadership.
  • Founder of Petal Greeting Cards, bricks and clicks chain of stores in London
  • Founded a Project Management company that provided operational assistance for companies delivering complex products.

Strategic Thinking

  • Worked with global leaders such as Lloyds Bank and Hewlett-Packard, providing insights and advice on business direction-Packard.
  • Experienced periods of limited revenue within businesses and devised long-term strategies to 10X revenue and growth.
  • Responsible for ensuring a smooth expansion into new markets with the USA, UK, and EU.

Sales, Marketing & Operations

  • Designed and manufactured products, building a solid reputation for quality and safety.
  • Effective marketing campaigns on social media and traditional media to create brand awareness and increase revenue for businesses.
  • Helped businesses scale their sales and create sales teams that close deals.

Project Management

  • 18 years’ experience working at board level and senior project management roles delivering multi-million-pound projects in Banking and Government.
  • Bringing a vision through to completion, a journey that facilitates change with teams and stakeholders.
  • Implementing challenging and complex objectives with finite timescale and budgets that help improves businesses


  • MSc – eBusiness, Westminster University – 2006
  • BA (Hons) – Business Studies, Brunel University – 1998
  • HND – Hospitality Management, Thames Valley University – 1996


“Besides being an outstanding innovative professional, James is a strategic individual. He has a remarkable ability to rapidly identify business complexities and challenges, define a realistic (and often ambitious) plan or action by understanding the commitments of various stakeholders to ensure an efficient implementation. He does this by scanning the environment and possessing a deep knowledge of potential threats and risks, asking the right questions, and defining opportunities. This is a particularly intelligent way for getting people involved and offering autonomy for them to fully engage during challenging or changing times. I highly recommend James without any hesitation.”

Dr. Karla Zimpel-Leal. Ph.D., MSc, BBA, AFHEA, Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Enterprise, Oxford Brookes University.