Bogota D.C, Colombia


Bogota D.C, Colombia


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Mauricio Quintero Molina (Industrial Engineer_1996 / U. Andes_Colombia & Business Systemic Manager_1998/ U. Sunderland – UK) is the Founder and CEO of Amazoplan, a business consulting firm focused on:

1) Ecommerce Strategies (; and

2) Prospection, Sales & Marketing Services for B2B portfolios, leverage by the power of an in-house software solution and LinkedIn. In parallel, he also helps people on their Personal Brand Development and Job Seeking processes.

Mauricio started his sales trajectory working at Johnson & Johnson as a Sales Representative promoting sutures and surgical equipment; also worked in PepsiCo, Fritolay, Quaker and EF Education First. Nowadays he works as Regional Sales Director at an IT company.

From entrepreneurial standpoint, he partnered with his brother and launched the first Energy Drink in Colombia, having massive success at the age of 26. From 2008 to 2014 Mauricio founded and run a consulting firm that helped government institutions and several Fortune 500 companies based in Colombia on their Expense Reduction Strategies.

For the last 20 years he has been knocking all sort of “corporate doors”. Being in front of his customers and understand how he can be a facilitator for them, is truly his passion. His customer relationship and management skills and teamwork have resulted in a very successful professional career.

Back in July 2020, Mauricio started his studies on Grant Cardone 10X Income System (including Grant Cardone University), and really identified himself with Grant´s approach on prospecting, selling and marketing. He also enjoyed the most powerful online experience at the 10X Interactive Bootcamp in October 2020. Those were enough reasons for Mauricio to partner with Grant Cardone on his mission to help 7B people (from Mauricio´s corner of the world) on achieving better options for their lives and income.