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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my profile and contact information.

Over the course of my business life, I have been involved in many businesses and entrepreneurial pursuits, some extremely successful and profitable, some, well not so much.

Regardless of the industry or business type, from small business owners, SME’s to large companies with hundreds of employees to the single self-employed business owner or tradesman, one thing and ONE massive thing that has stood out to me time and time again is the lack of training, systems and ability to grow the business model.

I have experienced first-hand the challenges that business owners and salespeople face daily.

When I first came across Grant Cardone, I was frankly offended and very distrustful of his tone, attitude and “gimmicks” that he talked about, UNTIL, it started to sink in, and I realized I needed to know more.

After reading and then listening to his book, The 10X Rule, (I much prefer the MP3 download version to listen to on the go and in the car), a light bulb came on in my head and he really did make a lot more sense.

The more I listened and the more I learnt, then what I thought I knew and what I had been doing just became so glaringly obvious.

Things had to change.

That was three years ago and after several books, courses through Cardone University I was setting my goals in my 10X Planner and I wrote down such an outrageous goal that I scribbled it out for about a month, almost two months.

Then GrowthCon happened and that was what finally gave me the courage and determination to bring Grant Cardone and everything GC to business owners in New Zealand and across Australia.

I became a Grant Cardone Licensee because of Grant & Elena Cardone, Brandon Dawson and Richie Doolan.

Let me serve you, let me coach you, let me show you, help you and together we can not only 10X your business and income strategies but also, your personal life and family relationships.

My mission is to serve and support 50,000 business owners across Australasia, let me help you start today.