Teresa Posada

Teresa Posada


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Teresa Posada was born and raised in the Chicago land area. She put herself through college for Architectural Drafting and Design. After graduation she worked for 5 years at Environmental Systems Design, as an AutoCAD Coordinator, as well as, Mechanical and Engineering Draftswomen.

She later left Chicago, and started a family while traveling the country with her Husband Josh who was in the Oil Field Industry. Foreseeing a need for support in the oil and gas industry, Teresa built an Oil & Gas Safety Supply Company called Utica Safety Apparel in 2012. She raised her young family as well as built a rapidly growing business. Teresa started this business with $5,000.00 and rapidly grew it into 3 stores which earned over 3 million in annual revenue within her 3 years of business.

While building Utica Safety Apparel, and raising two beautiful children, Teresa also began a real estate investment company called Posada Investment Group, llp in 2012, now known as Posada Realty, with investments in commercial and residential property.

Within the same year, Teresa created Nation Wide Welding Services, llc, alongside husband Josh, who was a welder at the time, in the oil and gas industry. Nation Wide Welding is designed to support natural gas pipelines, and station construction work, with steel pipe welding services.

Today, Teresa holds a Commercial Real Estate License with eXp Commercial in the state of NY. Offering Business Brokerage Services alongside commercial real estate services. Teresa became a Certified 10X Business Coach to assist business owners in building profitable, sustainable, and exit-able businesses. She is amazing at the business startup process, and utilized her past engineering experience to lead clients through the building of proper processes and systems necessary for a high yielding company.